June 14, 2016

Jess Lee - Far East Holiday Specialist

The So-Beautiful Sichuan 

Sìchuān means ‘Four Rivers’ in Chinese. Sichuan has become one of the most popular visiting places in China because of its most beautiful natural sceneries and rich culture and history. Sichuan has three World Cultural and Natural heritages: the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area, the Huanglong Scenic Area, and Emei Mountain with the Leshan Giant Buddha, and nine other state-class scenic areas.

Jiuzhaigou National Parks and Huanglong National Parks are the most beautiful national parks in China, Emeishan and Leshan Giant Buddha are the most famous cultural sites in China, and Giant Pandas in Chengdu are one of the most popular animals in the world!

Jiuzhaigou or Jiuzhai Valley

Jiuzhaigou or Jiuzhai Valley, acquired its name from Nine Tibetan villages in the valley. It is located in the deep mountain of Mingshan in the edge of east Tibetan plateau. Hundreds of beautiful snow mountain lakes, many of grand waterfalls, dense virgin forest, precious animals and snow peaks surrounding, all built up the beautiful and magic nature reserve. The scenery here is spectacular and extremely unique.          


Huanglong is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, and is characterized by surface adarce, 3,000+ spectacular colorful pools, adarce floodland, waterfalls, and caves. Against a backdrop of snow peaks and luxuriant forests. It is the only plateau wetland in China still in its natural state. There are many Tibetan delights to sample, including qingke tsampa, cheese, beef and lamb, and vegetables; the preferred drinks of Tibetans include milk tea, buttered tea, yoghurt, and qingke and corn spirits.

Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha is the largest Buddha statue in the world, and it is said the Buddha is a hill, and the hill is a Buddha. People can enjoy the giant from its front by cruise, and people can also walk down from his head to his foot. His foot provides the space for 20 people standing! And the latest discovery shows us another magic wonder: the whole mountain is just like a Buddha sleeping on the Minjiang river, and the statue of giant Buddha is just sitting in the heart!

Mountain Emeishan

Mountain Emeishan is one of the four sacred Buddhism Mountains in China, as well as a UNESCO Word Heritage Site. Many ancient temples are scattered in the deep mountain, it must be visited for anyone interested in Buddhism. Besides it, the nature here is also very beautiful with dense forest, cheeky monkeys, clean rivers, much more than your expectation.


Chongqing is a pleasant city to stroll around and is popular with Chinese tourists as the site of the Kuomingdang’s wartime capital from 1938-1945. Dazu, Changjiang River cruises and Red Cliff Village are most popular.


As a major Chinese grain producer and an ancient cultural centre, it’s long been known as the Land of Abundance. Chengdu is also the paradise for tourist, a lot of beautiful nature reserves and historic sites are scattered in the mountain and cities around it.


Sichuan is home to pandas. A total of 85% of the world’s panda population inhabit the mountainous areas in the North-western part of the province. China has 18 nature reserves, 16 of which are in Sichuan, Chengdu Research and the Wolong Nature Reserve are two famous reserves. Pandas were found for the first time ever in Fengtongzhai in Baoxing County.

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