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August 22, 2017

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When it comes to business travel, most employees think they can spend as much as they like. After all, why should they care? Their company can just cover the expenses. They might select a pricier hotel or book the trip last minute. Either way, they are costing your company a pile of money. To help control travel costs and save on business travel, here are a couple of ways to save on business travel.

8 Ways to Save on Business Travel:

1. Lead From the Top

There’s no point asking your employees to save on travel if you’re making the same mistakes they are. Make sure you, as the CEO, go the extra mile to lower costs and that your employees know this. Set an example for your employees to follow.

2. Talk About It

The straightforward approach is to educate your employees on saving money on travel. Be transparent about how much business travel costs and how the choices they are making have an impact on their company.

3. Set Goals

Measure your progress by setting goals. A goal you might have is to cut travel costs by 20% within the next six months. Make sure your goals are SMART. This means they should be specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable and have a timeframe. Review these goals every six months to see how your company is doing and what actions need to be taken.

4. Create a Travel Policy

A travel policy can make the rules of business travel clear, such as the process of booking a business trip, preferred hotel chains and any other requirements. If the employee fails to follow the policy, you can choose not to reimburse the expenses they incurred. This makes the employee accountable for their actions and sets clear guidelines to follow.

5. Offer Rewards

Instead of punishing employees for overspending why not show that you mean business by rewarding employees for saving on business travel. You can give your employees a percentage of the money they saved, such as 50%. This creates a win-win situation where you have not offended your employees and have managed to keep within your travel budget. You’ll even find that employees can come up with some creative ways to save while travelling.

6. Acknowledge savings

Your employees have now started saving on business travel, to make it a company wide change you can celebrate their savings. For example, you could send out a newsletter to all employees with stories of how some employees have saved on their travels. You can try using all the money saved on business travel to organise a group event, such as company dinner or team day out. some companies have even gathered all the savings that they have made and given them to a charity of their choice.

7. Mix Business With Leisure

Bleisure as some may call it is the mix of business and leisure. It allows employees to extend their business travel into a vacation. Instead of an employee just going to another location just for a meeting, they could visit local attractions or explore the city for a while to relieve the stress.  

8. Use Travel Specialists Such as Us, United Travel

Travel services, such as United Travel can be brilliant at helping you control your business travel expenses. They have the expertise to help you plan your trip, limit employee spending and lower costs. United Travel even gives you the extra benefit of being able to provide you with unique and tailored knowledge of your final destination. Taking the stress out of your business travel.

Keep your travel costs under control with our ways to save business travel. For more exclusive business travel offers, please contact our team of travel experts at United Travel for some friendly support and advice.

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