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October 11, 2017

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Over 7 million people in the UK travel for business each year. Living in a digital age, businesses have realised the benefits of business travel for both their company and employees. But, one benefit most businesses fail to utilise is capturing their travels on social media. While most of your business trip might be spent in business meetings with partners and customers. You may still be able to find time for a quick snap or live stream of your business adventures. Sharing moments from your business trip is a brilliant way to engage your social media followers and show them how interesting your company really is. Here are 5 tips for capturing your business travel on social media.

1. Plan what you want to capture

Before leaving for your business trip take a moment to think about the things you want to capture and schedule the best time to share these in your diary. You could think about recording a Facebook live stream when boarding your plane or taking a quick picture at the start of a group dinner with your colleagues. Also, don’t worry too much about your shots looking unprofessional. Your followers want to see your team enjoying themselves at work to make your company feel more human on social media. But be careful not to have too much fun! Think to yourself, would this be the type of behaviour you want your boss to see at work? If no, then don’t share it on social media.

2. Take pictures of your colleagues

Don’t take too many snaps of yourself or of pictures with no faces in them. The best type of photos are ones where the whole team is involved. To make your pictures more special, try snapping photos your team with the locals or embracing the local culture. You can even tag your colleagues in on social media to increase the likelihood of them being shared.

3. Use narrative with photos

Pictures alone can get a little dull, especially if your followers have seen millions of similar looking ones before. To make your posts stand out, try including a quirky caption or a short story of your travels. It doesn’t have to be anything long or clever. It can be something simple like, “Enjoying dinner with a couple of colleagues, after a long day of training with our new business partner.” Just remember to explain what’s happening in the picture and how it relates to your company.

4. Don’t share photos that add no value

The worst thing you could do is post pictures of your beige coloured hotel room or of you sitting by the pool. Unless there something really amazing or unique happening in those photos, then don’t share them. Instead try making your pictures pop out, by sharing photos of stunning views, landscapes, the culture and the people. This really makes your followers feel part of your business travels.

5. Avoid posting too many pictures

No one wants to see pictures of your business dinner at a 5-star restaurant over and over again. Try to vary the type of pictures you share with your audience. You can try sharing a mixture of food snaps, landscapes, events and other key moments of your business trip. And take into account post timings, don’t post too many photos at the same time. If you need to, you can just attach multiple photos to the same post. But even then never share similar looking shots together.

Final thoughts on capturing business travel on social media

Traveling for business can be a great opportunity to meet new people and build relationships. It can also improve your company’s reputation and even give it a competitive edge. But no one will know if you don’t share these moments. Capturing your business travel on social media can be a great way to engage your social media followers and show them what your company is really about. Share your business travel moments with us using the hashtag #UTBusinessTravel on social media!

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