travel safety

June 22, 2017

Queenie Li - China Travel Expert

10 Valuable Tips When Travelling

travel safety

Do you ever worry about the safety of certain items when travelling? As travel specialists we have vast travel experience, so thought we’d share our top tips for keeping your money, travel documents, credit cards etc safe:

  1. Your bank – tell your going abroad before you travel – contact or visit your bank and ask them to put a travel note by your account so they don’t put a temporary block on your cards when you try to use them abroad.
  2. Credit cards – take multiple credit cards, having a back-up card is very useful if you find yourself in a situation where one of your cards is not accepted.
  3. Important telephone numbers  – have your bank’s international telephone number (on reverse of card) in case of emergencies and you need to contact them, as well as any other emergency telephone numbers. Keep these in a separate safe place.
  4. Important documents – take a copy of any important documents like your passport, driving licence, travel visa and keep both physical and digital copies in a safe accessible place in case needed.
  5. Local currency – no matter how you intend to pay for things, it’s a good idea to take some local currency to pay for essentials like taxis, food, drinks and tips. Do keep a reserve of cash in your own currency for emergencies.
  6. Using public WiFi – to avoid roaming charges public WiFi in airports, hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, museums etc are a great idea, but bear in mind these networks are not always secure, so any information you send whilst using them is open for others to see.
  7. Prepaid currency cards – these can be purchased online or from travel companies, supermarkets, post offices and loaded with money before you travel with a currency of your choice. They can be used in ATM machines and retailers (a bit like a debit card) and can be easily topped up.
  8. Money belt – use a money belt, neck or leg wallet.  Worn under clothing these are secure ways of carrying money and credit cards.  Very useful for overnight or long train journeys, crowded places, tourist attractions, festivals or if you are staying in hostels. A good tip if you’re travelling in hot or tropical climates is to put money, cards etc in a self-sealing bag inside the money belt.
  9. Safety deposit boxes – whether in your room or at hotel reception, safety deposit boxes are there to keep your valuables safe.
  10. Separate your valuables – divide your money between your money belts, pockets, even your socks and be discreet with your money in public, so as not to draw attention. Avoid secluded or badly lit ATMs/cash machines. Protect devices like mobile phones, ipads, kindles with passwords. Put locks on backpacks.

If you would like further travel information, please contact one of our experienced and friendly travel advisers.



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